All set for India-England cricket

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6 Responses to “All set for India-England cricket”

  1. 123mrtarzan says:


  2. mrjack123789 says:

    This is when you say “india has been thrashed like hell” England white washing the poor indian team 4-0 it has been rightly said ” ENGLISH MEN VS indian boys”. The margins of defeat in this series was so big proves the fact that india should only play in india or at most inside Asia otherwise they will keep on getting thrashed like that, not even for once they were able to get 20 wickets of England in 4 test matches. Just have some pity on this indian team and take them back to india

  3. johnshamil says:

    India reduced to nothing 4-0 lol

  4. gillri says:

    @saffibaffi nope fags play the sport you like

  5. errrrwhatthe says:

    Bit surprised England have picked Broad over Bresnan. One is totally out of form and the other is in the form of his life. It just makes no sense!!

  6. M4st3rm1nd says:

    shamu you look like a girl. cut your hair short.

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