6 thoughts on “Australia vs New Zealand 2nd Test Day 4 (NZ famous test victory against Aus after 26 years)

  1. I agree, same kinda thing happened with Taylor being out lbw to Steyn, 3rd day of 2nd test in Hamilton today. in swinging yorker hit him on the full, hit him on leg but was swinging down leg. went behind the bat so i think Hawkeye lost track of the ball and incorrectly read the line

  2. That hawk eye review was quite BS on further review. Check out at 2:00, ball pitches way inside leg stump yet the review had it pitching outside. Didn’t matter in the end but hmmm so much for technology being perfect

  3. only in oz would they give the man of the match award to a dude in a losing side,you go you good thing,aussies sore losers.

  4. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that I thought Australia easily had this when they were 0/72, can’t believe they were bowled out so quickly. Shows how inconsistent Australia has become over the past couple of years.

  5. Grt Victory by the kiwis ! Oh i luv to see the aussies lose against anyone ! Cant wait for the boxing day test match .. cmon india .. cream the aussies ! Oh boy that fart ponting is such a sore loser !!!

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