Awesome Wickets 2012 Australia vs. India

Saudi Cricket Video clip Score: four / 5

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9 Responses to “Awesome Wickets 2012 Australia vs. India”

  1. DeanWhipper says:

    That first Dravid wicket is so bad, no foot movement, so shit

  2. 97abilash says:

    why the music?? seriously..

  3. 123krackerz123 says:

    why isnt hilfenhaus’s ball to sehwag in perth when it swung from leg to outside off and he nicked it? ball of the summer

  4. campbelllovescock says:

    yea the song is fuckn shit

  5. mrjack123789 says:

    India has been whitewashed thrashed, crushed, & humiliated in Australia 4-0 and then thrown in the dustbin like a used tissue paper. First india was whitewashed in England 4-0 then beaten in t20 format and then beaten in odis as well in England and now indian cows are getting banged by OZ kangaroos publicly. It just gives more evidence to the fact that world cup 2011 was fixed and IPL matches are fixed. Indians should only play inside india otherwise they will keep on getting thrashed.

  6. feathertopDT says:

    Yeah please remove the music if possible

  7. cricvids3722 says:

    Moves Like Jagger By Maroon 5

  8. Xaviozful says:

    grt work, but whats the track name i like it.

  9. cricvids3722 says:

    you can stop watching at 2:35

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