2015 World Cup was the most predictable of all the World Cups

May 10, 2015

The 2015 World Cup was the most predictable of all the World Cups. Everyone knew which four teams were going to make it to the semis and there were no upsets whatsoever.

The same four teams qualified.

Australia and New Zealand being the hosts were always the strong contenders and South Africa, because of the fact that they play in similar sorts of conditions, was also tipped to be there in the final 4.

Another one had to be India because despite of being a subcontinent team, they had been there Down Under for the last 4 months playing test matches and 50-over Cricket.

Also, if you see the squads of all the subcontinent teams at present, India has got the best batting line up technique wise and on bouncy tracks of Australia and New Zealand, it’s all about how technically sound you are.

The prediction of the final match was also too easy to make. The venue was the Melbourne Cricket Ground and it was always hard for the Blackcaps to topple Australia there and when they lost Brendan McCullum early, it was curtains then and there.

If the venue had been Auckland or Hamilton, then, things would have been different because the kind of attack New Zealand had, it needed swinging conditions.

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ICC clears about disallowing Bouncers after Hughes Incident

February 13, 2015

The International Cricket Council has made it clear that the Phil Hughes’ incident would not lead to the bouncers being disallowed in international cricket or in any form of cricket.

According to David Richardson who is the CEO of ICC at the moment, this is of course a huge tragedy, but, there have been a few cases of people dying in cricket before as well. So, one should not overreact.

Richardson, however, said that this issue has not come up for discussion in any of the ICC meetings as yet.

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Graeme Smith recokns that a change to WC format is required

January 21, 2015

The former South Africa skipper Graeme Smith reckons that there is a need to change the format of the Cricket World Cup as the current format is not the best and it makes the tournament slightly boring.

According to Smith, the tournament certainly gets electrified when the knockout fixtures come along, but, in the middle of the pull chase, the intensity dies down a little bit which is not a great thing given the fact that this is the biggest tournament in the game of Cricket.

Smith played in the Previous two World Cups and not only did he play, he captained his team as well. According to him, there is big gap between the two pool matches. At times, you find it hard to look forward to the next game because it’s just so far away. You tend to lose your focus.

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