England Cricket Team – Ashes 2010/11 Tribute

Saudi Cricket Video clip Score: five / five

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6 Responses to “England Cricket Team – Ashes 2010/11 Tribute”

  1. aroshamudalige1 says:

    England team is nothing whet ther r away frm home.

  2. XxAdelaide1994xX says:

    Im an Indian fan, but I must say.. THis team shows heart and determination to win matches and compete. We deserved to get stomped and annihilated.

  3. iszakwasere says:

    im aussie but atill loved ths vid!!!

  4. aaronforlife2k7 says:

    stopped in melbourne with my australian antis all last winter 🙂
    gave em sum right stick after i came back from the mcg anfter bowling them out for 98.

  5. lukequixotesanjose says:

    Good lively music to go with the montage… I’m looking forward ot the DVD set coming out!!! Go nicely with 2005 and 2009. Here’s to more Ashes series that I want to buy on DVD… 🙂

  6. mypalsal says:

    exceptionally well done… not only to the creator of this montage but also too OUR boys …well done all round 🙂

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