England Cricket Team Victorious Sprinkler Dance at MCG 2010

Saudi Cricket Video Score: 4 / five

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24 Responses to “England Cricket Team Victorious Sprinkler Dance at MCG 2010”

  1. ECBEMINEM says:

    Look at Swanny go.´╗┐ =D x

  2. Hashuism says:

    Trott is the coolest! ­čśÇ Cook´╗┐ and Monty need somework -_-‘

  3. charlesofbarmyarmy says:

    Aww, i LOVE THIS… it will get better & better´╗┐ with Time. It looks amazing Especially when we are against the Lossers Aussies

  4. deltaop1reload says:

    Pietersen oh´╗┐ Pietersen…u murdered the sprinkler!!

  5. SanctumStudios says:

    the´╗┐ sprinkler dance was funny in about 1995

  6. santhankrishnannaray says:

    Cook and Monty are hopeless with the´╗┐ sprinkler

  7. smartawan says:

    I liked that Video Says Andrew Symond ­čśÇ
    Another´╗┐ 10 Dislikes from Aussies ­čśÇ

  8. ur2hotgurl says:

    kp’s´╗┐ loving it, i bet he was practising

  9. DreddWolff says:

    @nxvznx It’s called celebrating´╗┐ you dumb Canadian fuck.

  10. KiNsY2011 says:

    Monthy panesar is such a´╗┐ fail…

  11. AnnaGoesToThePark says:

    @marmitehighway You´╗┐ sir, have the best username I have EVER seen.

  12. gemini160681 says:

    Sprinkler…..!!!! as gay and pommy as´╗┐ you can get……. congrats for the victory though.

  13. ThePukkaClan says:

    Monty´╗┐ is useless :L

  14. cricketgangsta4ever says:


  15. errrrwhatthe says:

    I’m very happy he’s proved me and many others wrong. To be fair all he had to do was pitch it´╗┐ up and he’s done that so hats off to Broad, showed his class!

  16. bladesy46 says:

    what are your´╗┐ thoughts on that desicion now?? ­čśë

  17. crwilson84 says:

    Monty’s is flipping´╗┐ limp and girly, haha. Quality video.

  18. errrrwhatthe says:

    Bit surprised England have picked Broad over Bresnan. One is totally out of form and the other is in the form of his´╗┐ life. It just makes no sense!!

    Any thoughts?

  19. mohit8205 says:

    Will´╗┐ see

  20. superman86861 says:

    Monty is´╗┐ a bad dancer

  21. superman86861 says:

    Ponting´╗┐ and his team among the dislikers probably One fellaw was proud of the English so only 10 dislikes

  22. edlrpussyss says:

    nah didnt think so,looks like uve hit the wall aye run dry ????shame i thought i had a challenge,ooh well ,there’s only south park jokes your got to go off ,
    bad luck better´╗┐ luck next time matey,just one more question ,do u light a whole bunch of candles and close the curtains before u throw on some of your favorite sound tracks??? get ya in the mood u know

  23. marmitehighway says:

    Aw bless. You’ve been looking at my account. Need´╗┐ a fwend as well as a badger to poke? Teenage years are so hard, aren’t they? All spotty and braces, sat on your own staring constantly at the internet in the vain hope that someone other than a sweaty obese paedo might respond to your lonely cries for companionship. And if you like listening to American bands whilst fiddling with your banjo watching vampires then good for you. No real need to share though. Now, back to the cricket..

  24. edlrpussyss says:

    i mean u listen to some very feminine touchy feely music ,dont u ?? but i cool wit that ,nutn wrong with wat u do in your private life ,your in touch with your sexuality ,look at liz hurley likes it the wrong way ,and if your in to that´╗┐ just make sure its safe ,u cant be to careful these days especially in britain ,its rampant over there hosting their own chat shows n all

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