Pakistan Vs Australia Cricket World Cup1992 ::: Group Match

Saudi Cricket Video Ranking: 5 / 5

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8 Responses to “Pakistan Vs Australia Cricket World Cup1992 ::: Group Match”

  1. jpuk98 says:

    after this match imran gave third umpire idea to icc bcaz of inzamam,s wrong run out … remember third umpire is imran,s idea

  2. saustfootball says:

    Must have been filmed with the cricket ball

  3. AIMANALI says:

    This was the fastest I ever saw Wasim – as fast as any time. He was very erratic but he was very fast. Especially the first spell that is not shown here.

  4. driffter1976 says:

    Can’t even see the bloody ball.

  5. 12345678983539 says:

    bill lawry u r beauty

  6. Afzaalkhan says:

    looking 4 2nd test Pak tour of SA in port elizabeth can u help

  7. Indianatheistblore says:

    cornered tigers.

  8. burhanilyas says:

    this was one of the crucial match

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