Rohit Sharma confident on Krunal Pandya for IPL

June 7, 2016

In a twenty 20 game, you have to be a gambler as a captain and not be afraid of making any move.

Rohit Sharma, the Mumbai captain, had Krunal Pandya, one of his rookies, batting three ahead of all his specialist batsmen against Delhi Daredevils on Sunday.

Krunal’s primary trade is his left arm spin bowling and not his batting, but, he was the man for the captain that night as there were three spinners in the opposition’s XI who would be spinning the ball into him.

Krunal went mad at the spinners thumping them at every little chance they offered just because he was going with the spin and had a nice, free swing of the bat and that put Mumbai so much ahead in the game.

Someone, who was right handed even though he was more of a batsman, he might not have directed the game towards Mumbai like Krunal did.

That’s how it goes in this format of the game. You have to have a different policy, horses for courses as they say. Sometimes, what a slogger can do for you, a proper batsman can’t. He would want his time which you can’t allow him.

Yes, if the wicket is demanding and the ball is playing tricks, then you must have the technique and the application to score and then, you have those correct players doing the job for you.

It’s about if you are daring enough as a leader to make such calls and while you are doing that, you have to be frank with your players too as it can easily go down to hurting someone’s ego if he sees a guy, with not as much of batting skill as he has, batting higher and his role, on the other hand, being limited.