Shikhar Dhawan seems to have added a new shot to his game

March 3, 2016

Shikhar Dhawan seems to have added a new shot to his game and that’s proving quite fruitful for him.

He is picking the fast bowlers up from a length and hitting them 20-30 rows back into the stands on the leg side.

Dhawan had always been brilliant on the off side, with his cuts and drives, but, the same couldn’t be said about his leg side play.

He was not as efficient on the leg side and it was not that difficult to figure out as an opposition.

And, that’s why, the bowlers, in the recent times, would always look to fire the ball onto his legs to try and cramp him for room and that strategy had been working against him as he was not able to score runs at a pace he wanted.

But, now that he has added another dimension to his game by discovering the pick-up shot, he is forcing the bowlers to bowl to his strength again.

In the second game of the T20 series against Australia, as he got a couple of those shots away over the square leg boundary, the bowlers were quick to compensate and err on the off side and that only played into Dhawan’s hands as he easily freed his arms to get more runs.

And, the same happened in the Sri Lanka series too recently.

In a brief chat the other day at Vizag, when a TV presenter asked Dhawan how the pick-up shot came to him all of a sudden, he said he had that shot when he was young and he used to play it quite frequently, but, as he came through the ranks, he stopped playing it.

However, having got it back again, Dhawan would look to play it more often going ahead as it is helping him a great deal in countering the fast bowlers.