Suit Fitting for the England Cricket Team

Saudi Cricket Video Ranking: five / 5

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15 Responses to “Suit Fitting for the England Cricket Team”

  1. Akiithebest says:

    @TheMayor1991 yeah I live in canada so there’s barely any cricket here, which is unfortunate.. but you can always find a good website I usually go to is and go check out espncricinfoto check for scheds of the matches.

  2. TheMayor1991 says:

    Possibly. That is if I could find one on TV. I don’t believe I have ever seen one advertised on a channel. As you can imagine, there isn’t much of a market for cricket in the baseball-loving US.

  3. Akiithebest says:

    hmm Id say ODI (one day internationals,played for approx 6-8 hrs).. T20 is quite new..all the formats should be treated equally but they’re not. The hardest format is definitely Tests, it requires a lot of skill,strength both physical and mental. And everyone wants to play n excel at tests, whereas T20 is just plain fun to watch lots of 6’s and 4’s. ODI in my opinion would b ‘the standard’ format. jus curious..are u thinking abt watching a cricket match?

  4. TheMayor1991 says:

    Not to sound stupid, but what would be considered the standard format?

  5. Akiithebest says:

    yup. ‘tests’ played for 5 days.. ODI – one day.. and t20 which is considered the most ‘exciting’ format.

  6. TheMayor1991 says:

    Hmm. I didn’t know there were three formats. That’s rather interesting! I guess you learn something new everyday.

  7. Akiithebest says:

    You being an american prefer baseball… we all have different opinions and likes, I’d say if u actually compare the two, cricket is far more exciting, entertaining, n action packed. Mostly because there are three different formats of the game.

  8. Daybreak96 says:

    Yeah that’s Chris Tremlett

  9. TheMayor1991 says:

    I find it funny, being an American, that one of the has a New York Yankees American League Baseball Club hat on. I don’t know the first thing about this team, but I know there seem to be quite a few arguments over the superiority of either sport. I myself prefer America’s National Pastime.

  10. ellenmeilee says:

    Talking of tailoring, what happened to Mr Humphries & Mrs Slocombes pussy? Probably having a bowl for India these days.

  11. hawking8 says:

    Nice, quirky video of some of the England team. I’m a bit surprised Tremlett is only a 35 inside leg since he’s 6ft 9″. Swanny’s going to have a huge media career one day — he makes us all laugh.

  12. horseylassx1 says:

    I wish I had swannys personality. Guy is hilarious

  13. sonicdodds says:

    hows it possible for swanny to be funny even at a suit fitting? what a guy!

  14. kiddwiffplugs says:


  15. TheHarshdeepsingh says:

    1st comment… :D

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