Virender Sehwag: India should be upset with us after Australia whitewash

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13 Responses to “Virender Sehwag: India should be upset with us after Australia whitewash”

  1. Simplyphenomenal07 says:

    We whitewashed australia 4-0 before, it just happened to us, twice. We will bounce back and we will be stronger because we are team india. You can tell how jealous people are as they immediately jump on the hate bandwagon – anything to say bad about team india, world cup holders! We will be back.

  2. TheJbrFan says:

    Pathetic india

  3. TheEuphony69 says:

    Sehwag you suck. Stop patronizing and loose some weight. Your fat ass cannot bat. You can only bat on small teams on flat surface. You failed to do your job in eight innings. You cannot bat and you cannot field and what the hell are you doing in australia

  4. rd7200 says:

    teri maki chut bhadve ke bacche…..lode teri ‘bhosdistan’ ki team ko kam choda t20 final and world cup semi final…abhi bhi man nahi bhara…chutiye dar ki vagah se to semi final nahi khela tha tera chutiya akhtar…bat karta he sehwag ki…apni chudwa ke betha rhe ghar pe…ham bolte nahi he to tum ‘bhosdistan’ vale samne se aake chudva rhe ho…

  5. get376bend302 says:

    Ok. Its alright that India got beaten and India can not play well in foreign conditions. But that does not mean that we should openly abuse the cricketers for what they have done. We should denounce them but cut the slangs.

  6. mrjack123789 says:

    India has been whitewashed thrashed, crushed, & humiliated in Australia 4-0 and then thrown in the dustbin like a used tissue paper. First india was whitewashed in England 4-0 then beaten in t20 format and then beaten in odis as well in England and now indian cows are getting banged by OZ kangaroos publicly. It just gives more evidence to the fact that world cup 2011 was fixed and IPL matches are fixed. Indians should only play inside india otherwise they will keep on getting thrashed.

  7. kevin1001000 says:

    india rules fuck the haters

  8. gillri says:

    half of you guys are poms arent you?

  9. sana012488 says:

    India cant play cricket outside their home.

  10. vbkakkiboyman says:

    haha Indian cunts!! lost 4-0 ddnt ya?? got ur ass whitewashed gud?? and they kept sayng it wasnt gonna happen. ROFFLMFAO

  11. zardarikuttahaihai says:

    hahahah fuck randia. Viru kuttay? Wo baat tum nei kya ki thi? Baap Baap hota hai? LOLOLOLOL Randian bharwey. Pakistan fight back and win. Overpaid bollywood fake randian flat pitched kuttay FLOP against aus. Pakistan tumhara baap hai. Aur australia ney tum randians ko theek chodha. Viru, VVS, Tendulkar should all be scrapped from team instantly. Youngers should b givn chance. And that will be it. Randia will be losers forever. They will go back 99 places. Thats why randians are scared now. hahah

  12. Mr07Virus says:

    India is like a wet cat wen they play outside india!!

  13. AlienBusDriver says:

    Australian cricket never dies as you well know pommys, it just regenerates

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