16 thoughts on “WT20 Australia vs New Zealand Game 5 – Highlights

  1. That comment is two months old, I changed my mind on that matter like seven weeks ago.

  2. Are you retarded? They are actually a lot better than you think they are. Ellyse Perry played for the under 21 Sydney men’s team, and she had the best bowling figures. Get with the times you conservative old man.

  3. Fair enough, it needs support if it’s going to grow and I love the game, so I’m glad whoever plays. I’m Australian.

  4. I’m sri lankan and I actually enjoy supporting the women’s team. Of course their standards are far below male teams, but the women represent us well, and I believe they’ll only get better. Like I said, reminds me of the old days when our male team were just getting into international cricket in the 70s/80s and we lost matches all the time. Just remember men’s and women’s cricket are two different leagues, and just have fun.

  5. I’ve changed my tone a little bit, it’s just hard to support something on an international level when you know your club team could likely beat them.

  6. Get over it. It’s a sport and anyone who can play it should be able to. Women’s cricket will continue to improve and set higher standards in the future. Men’s cricket also started like this in the 70s and 80s.

  7. Women’s cricket is just wrong, it’s like Men’s netball, it just doesn’t work, especially not when a lot of 15 year old batsmen could hit balls delivered at that pace.

  8.  1:37 ‘she’s underneath it… straight down her throat!’

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