What Happens Next Competition Answer – Bell reinstated

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4 Responses to “What Happens Next Competition Answer – Bell reinstated”

  1. ajt123pgs says:

    Andrew Strauss would definitely reverse it, and although it was stupid from bell all the indians had thought it was over aswell

  2. fireballx90 says:

    fair enough, but sachin would of walked of without shaking his head and be a man. Anyway that wouldnt happen as sachin has a brain and plays still the stumps are off for lunch!

  3. 05mchughb says:

    If an English player had run out Sachin Tendulkar like that in India there would be riots.

  4. fireballx90 says:

    at the end of the day it was out and the England fans response was totally inappropriate
    I do not no why Bell looked so surprised it was his stupidity. I f that was an Indian player run out like that no way would England reverse the decision.

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