Cricket – England V Australia – Twenty/20 – 2005 =D

Saudi Cricket Video Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Cricket – England V Australia – Twenty/20 – 2005 =D”

  1. boomdocker100 says:

    20 20 cricket is fun but it cant be treated seriously like other cricket, its gonna be a disaster if this format starts to kill of test cricket, they should abolish the 1 day game and just concentrate on tests, county cricket and 20 20,

  2. MadeOfCATS says:

    I loved just listening to their accents

  3. stratocaster1986able says:


  4. farrukhj says:

    do you have the full highlights of this game?

  5. 77Fortran says:

    I am not your psychiatrist! If you’re having trouble getting women, do something about it!

  6. 77Fortran says:

    This one of the stupidest things I have read on youtube! You know how special something has to be for that!

  7. 77Fortran says:

    White English people had a huge role inventing pretty much all of what you recognize as the modern world!

  8. 20xxFishSpineOff says:

    i just got into cricket a year ago, love the sport its fun, along with rugby

  9. saintcasper91 says:

    6:17 Nasser Hussain retracted that comment later in the summer!!!

  10. TIgers5291 says:

    Lol,…… an Indian parrot killed becasue……..? /watch?v=0FUCmJNPr7Q

  11. tommyboy9101 says:

    Excuse me, white English people came up with Cricket

  12. tommyboy9101 says:

    Excuse me, white English people came up with Cricket

  13. yoneverknow123 says:

    i do not know why but when I see england playing they always seem to lack commitment for the sport

  14. yoneverknow123 says:

    he didnt mean that literally

  15. sf49ersrule says:

    disagree. and I’m Indian.

  16. TheAmanmathur says:

    @MMAC0RE Just checked out his profile. He is a dick head living in Spain……… (at least that what his profile says). You are right….. he is a right old twat who has got his dick firmly stuck in his throat. Right old mother f***** he is………

  17. sajjadsamma says:

    one day i killed the all english cricket team but i like nasir hussain he is a muslim and good guys

  18. sajjadsamma says:

    one day i killed the all english cricket team

  19. sajjadsamma says:

    the all english crickter mother fucker i dont like english

  20. pikklez94 says:

    Hahaha dude are you serious? Were you raped as a child by an australian or something? freak

  21. G00n3r4Life says:

    theres only 50million people in england you uneducated twat.

  22. dartmoordog says:

    So what far superior sporting nation do you hail from?

  23. dartmoordog says:

    Soccer, a game played by overpaid, ill diciplined, over ego, spoilt child like individuals. The England football team has already sunk back to the irreverance where they belong, and good riddance to them. England ride high on cricket at ther moment.

  24. 02obrienf says:

    you’re a strange person, to bother watching cricket highlights to comment on them about how shit the sport is, shows just why some people dont want football fans to be prominent in society

  25. jacklukins22 says:

    im only laughing cos you spelt “sun” wrong 🙂 tehehehe.

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