25 thoughts on “Cricket Highlights day2 South Africa Vs Australia

  1. Hate to disagree with you but they are definately not the best in the world at cricket anymore, maybe ten years ago, but not now!

  2. the next day south africa chased down the target with a run rate of almost 4 rns an over with greame smith and hashim amla scoring centuries on that same pitch that the wickets fell the day before. .bad batting but its also one of the deadliest attacks if seen south africa has the best bowling attack

  3. Lots of people, including the commentators, blaming the batsmen for this… Sorry, but 23 wickets do not fall in a day unless we are talking a demonic set of batting conditions. Everyone is hamming it up about Oz getting rolled for 47, but at the same time very quickly forget that SA went from being 1/49 to 96 all-out in the space of what seems like a few overs – That’s 9/47 for those not good at maths. Something strange happened out there and there is just no explanation, it was just freakish.

  4. youtube.com/watch?v=AYbqKnBvVgU <-- watch this video if you wanna see fanatastic clips of cricket...

  5. hey shaesham, the answer to your question is yes and no at the same time. If the ball is believed to have gone on and hit the wickets, then yes, you are out. This applies only when the bat did not hit the ball at all. If you hit it with the bat and it bounces onto your pads, then youre not out. However if the ball was considered not to be travelling towards to the wicket and it hits your leg, then your fine. Hope it helps

  6. Hi everyone, English gal here. I just want you to know how much I love and admire the Australian people. It’s not just because most Australians have British like me, it’s because you turned a fairly desolate island into one of the most modern and magnificent nations on earth and yet you’re not arrogant. The majority of people here in England really love you Aussies, regardless of what anyone says. Plus, you’re the best in the world at cricket, my favourite sport!

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