Tharindu Kaushal has been banned from delivering his Doosra

October 4, 2015

Tharindu Kaushal, the young spinner of Sri Lanka, has been banned from delivering his Doosra.

Kaushal’s action had been reported by the on and off field umpires who were in charge of the action in the recent test series between India and Sri Lanka.

An assessment was done on the action of the 22-year old in India thereafter in which it was found that there’s no breaking of the rules as far as his off spinners are concerned, but, in case of his Doosra, he goes past the arm bending limit that has been set for the bowlers by the governing body of the game. So, he can’t be permitted to bowl that anymore.

Kaushal has so far played just 4 test matches for his national team and has taken 19 wickets at an average of almost 36.

He is tipped to be the next ‘Muralitharan’. But, he has had a setback very early in his career.

If he continues bowling Doosra in future, he might be reported again.

Kaushal is not the first bowler to have his Doosra coming under the scrutiny in the recent times.

There have been plenty of spinners, especially the off spinners, from different countries who have had his Doosra being assessed by ICC of late and most of them have had to stop bowling it.

Till 2013, ICC had not been that strict with the bowling actions and that had brought the mystery spin into play a bit too much. There were guys popping up from everywhere with different sorts of deliveries and creating headache for the batsmen.

But, in the last 12-18 months, there’s been big clampdown with the umpires being given the freedom to straightaway report the bowlers with clumsy looking actions.

And, this step of the ICC has been welcomed by the purists of the game.