5 thoughts on “Andrew Strauss ‘bitterly disappointed’ after England collapse hands victory to Pakistan

  1. @kevin1001000 the problem with u indians is u live in ur past…..they might have beaten pak in 2005 wen dey visted last time to pak….but my friend i am in 2012 dunno wat century u living in??
    good luck aniway!!

  2. haha ur that dickhead commenting on that india video, saying that they are wet cats outside india how are we wet cats outside india when we beat pakistan, in pakistan dickhead

  3. Question to English media (Cry Babies), who are we going to blame this time, was it Hafeez blowing action, or may be Pakistan did something to the pitch that English batsmen were not able to bat? ….

  4. haha..pathetic coments from capitan of england. they defeat indian time in england but they lose to border brothers of india..england team is sham nd pretending..only heroes in home ground..we have t accept aus is the only team in world currently has the ability to make difference both away and home.however no one would accept pakis win bcz still cricket fans of world suspect pakis of their notorious skills in betting..:-P

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