Commonwealth Bank Series 3rd Final Australia vs Sri Lanka – Highlights

Saudi Cricket Video Score: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to “Commonwealth Bank Series 3rd Final Australia vs Sri Lanka – Highlights”

  1. SLionsCricket says:

    A List of Finals I Recall´╗┐ SL Winning- 1996 WC, 2000 Coca Cola Trophy, 2004 Asia Cup, 2008 Asia Cup, 2002 Champions Trophy (co champions).

    Basically every final, we lose! ­čÖü

  2. heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy says:

    Talent alone´╗┐ will not win you games….

  3. tyagisudeep says:

    The talent which india got no´╗┐ other team can posses such talent not even aussies,sri lanka,rsa or any other country after the wc 2011 india have lost intent if they got intent then no one can beat them

  4. FooldTube says:

    hey check out my channel you wont regret´╗┐ it ­čÖé

  5. Bazzinga69KZ3 says:

    according to my research.. Sri Lanka always lose in´╗┐ the finals.. (1996 WC was the only time where we won a major series).

  6. Unknown38478 says:

    Well suprsonickath in the AUS V IND series we have Warner, Cowan, Pattinson, Lyon´╗┐ and Starc.
    In the 2010-11 Ashes we have old Katich, s**t Hughes, North, Smith, Harris, Doherty, Beer and Johnson

  7. suprsonickath says:

    True, but Pup was vice Captain. Wake me when Australia gets a good´╗┐ coach (nothing against Mickey Arthur, I just find his accent and tactic annoying)

  8. hamid shujaat says:

    david´╗┐ warner played good

  9. DominoJerryHD says:

    but we didnt have´╗┐ david warner!

  10. Parker Watkins says:

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  11. kylethegrt says:

    @anocri u indians got kicked out of the asia cup too, what hav u got to say now? dont talk about things based on the past history, past is dead, live in the present, india has gone to the´╗┐ dogs now, its australia & srilanka all the way as usual, ur pathetic´╗┐ assumptions were proved wrong at last, get that straight in ur ignorant mind, perhaps u shud be even more ashamed that u were whitewashed by aussies in the´╗┐ test series, getta fuck outta here with ur faulty assumptions, u ignorant one.

  12. suprsonickath says:

    What happened against England in the 2010/11´╗┐ series eh? Australians can’t talk.

  13. delfiusgarland says:

    But Lee got more´╗┐ runs than all the middle order batsmen ­čÖé

  14. robbedthief says:

    i totally agree my good sir, when lee was brought on for 2 overs and went for 20 something i thought the match was all over (to the lankans). i was referring to´╗┐ mckay, christian and watson (who is always spot on).

  15. MrBat0007 says:

    Great game exactly how a decider should be I just can’t stop watching ­čÖé (much better then India)´╗┐

  16. XDKX101 says:

    At least we got to the´╗┐ finals man instead of being rolled up and tossed aside halfway through the tournament ­čśë Get a grip bro

  17. arsenal2122 says:

    Thanks Sri Lanka for showing us your a good´╗┐ team and way better then these crappy Indians….

  18. arsenal2122 says:

    These Indians what a crappy team, one billion of them and no fight whatsoever. Please don’t´╗┐ bother with India their just not good enough call Bangladesh or Zimbabwe Perhaps?

  19. MrDopey16 says:

    I understand your point and I do admit it sometimes isn’t great to give a full on send off and it is not always good for the game. However, celeberating a wicket´╗┐ used to be seen as against the spirit of the game, all I see here is maharoof giving warner the look, nothing is said, in fact maharoof moves his shoulder to allow warner to pass. I know the look that maharoof gave him, its the ‘if you try and smack me every ball i will get you out everytime’ or ‘Play me properly next time’

  20. atomicR4GER says:

    Atleast Sri Lanka showed up´╗┐ and wanted to play and win AWAY from home… the same couldn’t be said about the Indians.

  21. spiritofcricket says:

    It does matter what players do in the field. You can’t initiate something and put the blame on the person who´╗┐ retaliates.

  22. shan898923 says:

    At least we got there.´╗┐ Enjoy your 4-0.

  23. anocri says:

    Whose ass was kicked by whom in the World Cup and last Asia Cup finals? Are you day´╗┐ dreaming or what? Even in this series, India won 2 matches and SL won only 1 and if SL had bowled that missing delivery in that 30 over, India would have won 3 out of 4.

    Oh wait, Asia Cup is again only a few days away. Wait few more days for your ass whopping again.

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